RFI CD63-71-55 UHF CB (477MHz) Mopole Antenna - MBC Mount (c/w cable & connectors) - G&C Communications

RFI CD63-71-55 UHF CB (477MHz) Mopole Antenna - MBC Mount (c/w cable & connectors)

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CD63-71-55 features:

This extraordinary performance is made possible by the use of an exclusive (and patented) high impedance matching circuit in the base coil. This allows the end feeding of the collinear whip section, a 5/8 over 1/2 wave radiator wound from a single piece of high resilience 17-7PH stainless steel.

• Available in two mounting options, removable MBC style (CD63-71-53) or threaded stud and nut (CD63-71-73)
• Excellent performance - Exhibits 6.0dB gain over a ¼ wave whip mounted in the centre of a metal roof
• Flexible - Stainless steel whip returns to original shape after bending
• Rugged - The base coil is housed in a high impact thermoplastic moulding and is practically indestructible
• Stylish - Attractive black finish, complements vehicle styling
• MBC base includes 5m RG58C/U cable terminated with FME female connector and includes an FME to UHF adaptor.

(1) Mopole antennas such as the CD63 have been shown to exhibit a 6dB improvement in received signal level in the field when compared to a ¼ wave whip however in pattern tests exhibit only 1.5 to 2dB over a ¼ wave (equivalent to 1.5-2dBq). This improvement in performance can be attributed to a lower radiation angle level of these ground independent antennas