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Grazy Master 10mt band (28mhz) 1/2 wave

Grazy Master 10mt band (28mhz) 1/2 wave

Tuned for 28Mhz 1/2 Wave Vertical Base Antenna. 


Manufactured in Gippsland Victoria Australia.

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We also do custom quality Coaxial cable with pulse connectors built to specifications. 

 Grazy Master 10Mt Band - 28mhz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeff Cochrane
Great build quality, worth it just for that alone.

I haven't put my antenna into the air as yet due to hellish amounts of rain here in FNQ, but the build quality is excellent and the antenna test's fine on my analyser, we'll see how it goes with 400+ watts up it soon! :)

Carl Reid
A Shiny Gem in My Antenna Arsenal

I recently acquired the Grazy Master 28MHz 10m antenna from G&C Communications, and I must say, it’s been a delightful addition to my setup. Let me break down my experience:

Customer Service: The folks at G&C Communications deserve a standing ovation. Despite my late-night order (yes, I’m a night owl), they handled it with grace—even if they briefly suspected me of moonlighting as a hacker! 🌙 Their responsiveness and professionalism were top-notch.
Installation: I mounted the antenna about 5 meters off the ground, discreetly attached to the side of my house. The best part? Its shiny silver finish makes it blend seamlessly into the surroundings. Stealth mode activated!
Performance: The moment of truth arrived when I tested the VSWR at 28MHz. Drumroll, please… 1.1! That’s right, folks—awesome performance right out of the gate. Crystal-clear signals, as if the airwaves themselves were applauding.
First Contact: My inaugural transmission reached all the way to Germany. Sure, they said my signal was a tad low, but it was very readable. I felt like an intercontinental whisperer, bridging continents with my trusty Grazy Master.
Tongue-in-Cheek Antenna Farm: Okay, let’s be real—I don’t have an actual antenna farm (yet). But if I did, the Grazy Master would be the star attraction. It’s like having a secret weapon against radio mediocrity.
In summary, I highly recommend the Grazy Master end-fed 1/2 wave vertical. It’s not just an antenna; it’s a conversation starter, a beacon of connectivity. And as for G&C Communications, they’ve won a loyal customer. 📡

73, Carl

Disclaimer: No bananas were harmed during the writing of this review. 🍌

Thanks so much for your kind, detailed review. We're here if you ever need anything else :)