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Heavy Duty Dual Muff headset TO SUIT ICOM 41pro

Heavy Duty Dual Muff headset TO SUIT ICOM 41pro

The extreme noise cancelling dual-muff headset is extremely popular with the manufacturing, mining and other noisy industrial groups. The ear cups have been manufactured with acoustic noise reduction material coupled with the gel ear pads that mould comfortably around your ears efficiently minimising background noise. The boom microphone is fitted with a high performance electret noise cancelling microphone. The headset is manufactured standard with the positive action earmuff PTT and comes with a cable with the large high-quality inline PTT button. You can use either the Earmuff PTT or the large inline PTT button providing flexibility with different staff preferences.

This product has been manufactured with strain relief, meaning that all the pressure is placed on the kevlar reinforced cable. Therefore if the cable gets caught in machinery etc the strain relief prevents damage occurring to the earmuff which can be an expensive repair. A very affordable extreme noise cancelling headset.

Suitable for all industry types but a particular favourite with motor racing, production, manufacturing, mining, construction…


  • COMES WITH ICOM inline PTT cable 
  • Interchangeable Radio Interface Cable allowing 1 headset to suit different model radios. This also allows change-out of the main cable in the event the cable is damaged.
  • Inline PTT cable.
  • Added Strain Relief to ensure protection of the main cable connection socket in the event the cable is caught on machinery, etc  We have noted that when the cable is strained on similar products manufactured by other brands there is a potential for the cable socket to be damaged resulting in costly repairs to dismantle the earmuff and replace.  With our design the cable may still fail if strained beyond normal operating conditions, however the earmuff remains protected by the strain relief mechanism, allowing quick cost effective replacement of the main cable.
  • Electret noise cancelling microphone provides superior audio quality.
  • Ear cups with acoustic noise reduction material and comfortable gel ear pads.
  • Behind the head metal band with overhead velcro strap, ideal for use with hard hats, etc.
  • Dust proof PTT.
  • 1 year warranty.
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